2019 Individual & Business Tax Organizers


2019 Tax Appointment Checklist

2019 Individual Taxpayer Organizer

2019 Paid Preparer Due Diligence Checklist – If you have children; college students; have income $15,570 or less for Single; or $21,370 or less for MFJ, fill out this form

2019 Individual Taxpayer Organizer – Sole Proprietorship – If you have a business, fill out this organizer.

Business Spreadsheet for tax purposes with startup – For Schedule C businesses not accounting.

CONTRIBUTION FINDER – Donation Guide for Goodwill, Salvation Army and others


2019 Tax Appointment Business Checklist

2019 C Corporation Tax Organizer

2019 S Corporation Tax Organizer

2019 Partnership Tax Organizer

2019 LLC Tax Organizer