Secure Client Portal

Potential Clients – Please call 704.499.9054 or contact us via our MESSAGE BOARD  to send us a message.

Tax & Accounting Portal – Please use this link to get to our current portal CLIENT PORTAL. You will be able to request and schedule appointments from this portal site as well as download your tax data.

The Individual Engagement Letter is required upon hiring our firm to prepare your tax return.

Client Portal

Portal Guidelines

The information found in this guideline is not from a real person.

This is our portal guideline to assist you in working through the pages.  You will login in to the Portal using the main taxpayer’s email address unless you instructed us to change to a different email address.

Your password will follow, should you forget your password, you can click the link Forgot Password and receive a new scrambled password.  We do not have access to any passwords you set.  We can send you a scrambled password to reset it.

First Timers: You will be required to setup your file and set a password and you can change your data at this time and in the future.

Your Menu is on the left as shown in the Portal Guideline.pdf.

Here are some videos to watch to guide.

Follow the links and they will allow you to upload documents, pay online, as well as receive your Client’s copy and give us a review.

We hope this helps you through the process.